Company Town was developed by:

Anne White
Ann Jaeger
Miranda Gee Jones
Lillian Ross-Millard
Eryn Lidster

Special Thanks to Rodrigo Nava Ramirez who supported the design of this website.

Special thanks to Sue James for her time and energy sharing her expertise with the artists.

Company Town has been generously supported by Public Energy Performing Arts, Theatre Trent and Artspace.

Research for this work was supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Blue Smoke Credits

Video and voiceover by Lillian Ross-Millard
Sound engineering by John Millard
Select text excerpts from The Report of the Advisory Committee on Retrospective Exposure Profiling of the Production Processes at the GENERAL ELECTRIC PRODUCTION FACILITY in Peterborough, Ontario 1945-2000
Select lyric excerpt from A Case of You by Joni Mitchell.
Select Street View images courtesy of Pawel Dwulit / Paradigm Pictures